The Portley Pig BBQ has taken great lengths to preserve the tradition and flavors of BBQ by staying true to the flavor profiles of each region.  This means we use the highest quality seasonings and marinades to provide sauce profiles such as Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas City and Texas BBQs.  Producing authentic BBQ requires the right wood combination for each meat. To provide the highest quality and most authentic BBQ available in the Northwest, we use wood combinations such as Hickory, Apple along with a touch of Cherry wood for pork and White Oak, Mesquite and Apple wood for beef.

What you get from “The Portley Pig BBQ” is the result of my passion for BBQ and the unique flavors of the food from it’s origins.

The tradition of BBQ runs deep in our country.  By research and practice over the last 10 years, we have perfected the craft of BBQ as our many competition ribbons attest.  We help family and friends gather together to enjoy each other and great food.  When you choose Portley Pig to provide all your catering needs, you will receive a stress-free and enjoyable experience for your special event.