BBQ Classes

Basic Class

We cover how to select, trim and prepare Pork Shoulder, Brisket, Pork ribs and Chicken. Also Seasoning and Spice pairings.

We’ll discuss flavor profiles for the different regions of BBQ in the United States. The history of BBQ and best of all you get to eat what we Smoke. I provide some BBQ smoked beans and coleslaw to go with it. And Yes, if there are any leftovers we send it home with you.

BBQ 101 Class

When: July 25th

Time: 7am - 3pm

Where: Double D Meats 

              Mountlake Terrace                

Advanced Class

Another full day of BBQ. Covering Cold Smoking and Hot smoking cooking Whole Turkey, Prime Rib, Salmon both fresh smoked and brined and smoked cheese. Talking seasoning and brine ideas. Also you will be taking home your fresh 12-14 lb Turkey to practice. Or just to have it for Thanksgiving.


When: Sept 19th
Time: 7am- 3pm
Where: Double D Meats

               Mountlake Terrace